The Thin Man (1934)
One of my favorite films
7 February 2005
I've watched this film many times and still find it quite entertaining; only a handful of movies would do that for me. What you get with "The Thin Man" is the delightful combination of mystery and humor. William Powell and Myrna Loy have great chemistry; while director, Woody Van Dyke, propels the action along at a fine pace. One thing about the film that I find interesting is the apparent illogical snow scene very early in the film. This occurs shortly after Maureen O'Sullivan says good-by to her father, before his disappearance. As she getting into a taxi, it's snowing. Later at Christmas time, we learn that her father has been missing for three months! If so, we have to accept a mid-September snow storm in New York City! -- that requires a goodly suspension of disbelief. :) I'd love to know why the snow scene was ever shot? or, why it wasn't later cut out of the finished film?
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