It's now 11 years old, but It must have been bad in 1994.
29 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
There are no words to describe the symphony of stupidity this movies presents to us, the audience. The cast was mediocre at best and their acting skills were the same. The storyline, at times, doesn't make any sense, and there are contradictions left and right. There are points made in the course of the movie that simply don't compute, and the ending was laughable.

There are some redeeming points, I suppose. The main actress was pretty, the werewolf, as a man, had very few lines. Oh, and the chef with a bad Mexican accent dies early, so he didn't pain us with his speech.

I don't recommend watching this movie to anyone. I did it because when the wife is out, I watch stupid movies; it helps me to realize that I don't like stupid movies.

If you must watch it, have a book on hand for when you feel you might be sick from how stupid a particular scene is.
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