I hate this film, the sort of film that gives horror a bad name.
29 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Elaine Barlow (Cheryl Black) runs a complex of cabins on a small island with her husband Frank and is having an affair with Vic Carlton (Bob Wagner). One night while Frank is supposed to be on the mainland he catches them together in one of the cabins. A fight breaks out, Frank is knocked unconscious and in an unfortunate accident involving an oil lamp the cabin is burned to the ground with Frank still inside. Fast forward an unknown amount of time, Vic and Elaine are now married and they have rebuilt the cabins and plan to reopen to the public. They advertise the island as 'Honeymoon Cove'. They are expecting their first guests, three recently married couples who are Kay (Margi Curry) and Jeff (Paul Inwanski), Sue (Kari Addington) and Gary (James Caskey) plus Linda (Leslie McKinley) and Dwayne (Philip Thompson). Before they arrive three of their friends Kelly (Jane Pardue), Robin and Jill (Jillian Raye) turn up and ask Elaine and Vic if they can decorate their cabins as a surprise. One of the girls find the maid Emily (Megan Ready) dead in a closet and she herself is killed, as are the rest of the trio. The couples arrive on 'Honeymoon Cove' and are given their cabins and settle down for the night. Things start to turn sour as they find the remains of their friends and realise they are being stalked by an unknown killer. Vic tries to contact the mainland and inform the Sheriff (Bill Pecchi) and his Deputy (Jerry Meagher) but finds the radio's antenna broken, the small and only pier on the island is set alight and is destroyed along with the only boat. The remaining survivors are trapped on the island until help arrives in the morning. But will they live that long? Who could the killer possibly be? Maybe the retarded caretaker who can't speak named 'Crazy Joe' (Micheal Wycoff)? Or is it someone less obvious? You can probably guess, that opening sequence isn't there for the hell of it you know. Written and directed by Harry Preston (although there is an 'Additional sequences by' credit) this slasher film has no redeeming qualities at all, quite simply it's awful in every single aspect of it's 90 minute running time. It feels much longer than 90 minutes. I just sat there hoping, in vain as it turned out, that something, anything exciting would happen but it never did. The film as a whole is really slow and boring. It takes great efforts to try and keep the killers identity secret but there are no suspects apart from the obvious and you can guess the killer within the first 5 minutes. The gore is none existent, a bit of blood and a fake axe stuck to the top of someones head is about it but there are no special effects to talk about. The acting is consistently terrible, and that fat 'comedy relief' Sheriff is the most annoying and useless character in a film that I've come across in a while. On a technical level the film is generally very poor and a bit of an eyesore to watch. There are much better slasher films out there, don't even consider sitting through this lame incredibly boring mess. A sorry excuse for a film that I thought was the pits and has nothing to recommend it. Everyone involved in making this crap should be embarrassed. For masochists and insomniacs only. Trust me, this is definitely one to avoid.
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