Words cannot say how bad this is.
15 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is crap. How else can I put it? Its... beyond bad? This movie is the ultimate badness. It has all the elements of a sub-B-grade movie.

Firstly, forget the sci part of sci-fi. There is not even a pretense of real science in here. To be fair, there is also no attempt to call it science. Its a cheap monster-flick, and makes no effort to be anything else.

Now, this can only be appreciated as a comedy. It is that bad. From the rather strange monster to the annoying computer-voice to the blocky white-painter architecture of the lab, its the representation of its genre: Those films that are so bad you have to laugh.

Funniest moment... Alien Thing gets shot with the full output of a building-sized particle accelerator. Huge blue glow, sparks, and out steps a perfectly normal, unburnt human.
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