Barely Holds One's Attention
14 December 2004
Mean-spirited and brutal film is mainly a fictionalization of the events that happened when the Zodiac killer raised hell in California back in the late 60's-early 70's. Our chipper killer (who resembles a young Merle Haggard) goes around raising hell. When he's not braining women with car hoods or spare tires, he's knifing couples or worshiping his altar where he believes the spirits of all the people he killed will be his slaves in the afterlife! Wow, is this guy one nutty dude! Gotta love the Doodles Weaver cameo, too, and how he likes his women "plump and dumb". Everyone knows some filthy old man like that, don't they? Obviously made by people who were not too hip to film-making, the film is shoddy and poorly shot, but the sheer outrageousness of the situations is good for one look at least.
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