A powerful stance against the dominant ideology.
28 November 2004
In this Fritz Lehner's film, Klaus Maia Brandauer seems to be faithful to his ethical and philosophical agenda. A splendid courage to take a non-conformist stance in the time of the idolatry of the body -- an antifreudian stance -- an almost exact opposite to the Hanneke's much more rewarded -- no surprise about that! -- "Die Klavierspielerin" which exhibits poor understanding of sex even from the standpoint of psychoanalysis. Maybe, the movie could have been a little bit shorter; seeing Mr.Brandauer in the surrounding of so many young girls, one wonders whether the famous disagreement about the costs of the project and the five years that took to complete it have had something to do with a pleasure to remain in such a company somewhat longer than the spirit of art would require... For myself, it is possible to think that KMB has slipped a little bit on this little stone of narcissism; the movie would have spoken more powerfully with a somewhat stronger resistance to the very temptation which was meant to refute... In order to hope realistically for the success with such an anti cultural message, one should be more laconically/powerful. Still, it's great to have somebody who is thinking in the movie industry -- and not just playing to the tastes of the public! I'm looking forwards to KMB's further artistic journey.
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