Review of The Debt

The Debt (1999)
Rare achievement
1 December 2004
Forget special effects. Forget complicated story lines with killers looming in the dark while desperate Nicolle Kidmans scream their minds away in front of the cameras. Forget your run-of-the mill Hollywood film made and remade a hundred times. See 'The Debt' instead. This little and unfortunately unknown Polish film doesn't need any of the above artifacts to impress you: only the true story it was based on, a hand-held camera, and a couple of strong performances. The rest makes itself. And what you get is mind-numbing. The film might well contain the most believable murder scene I have ever seen depicted on screen outside of war contexts. Realism is so stark it makes you feel you're part of the storyline itself. You watch this film unfold and you might as well be watching your own life, God-forbid should you ever end up in a situation like that of the characters'. Highly recommended!
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