Review of Sabotage

Sabotage (1936)
6 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
What you'll find is signature Hitchcock touches. Such as the brilliant mobile framing, and how he lets the players use their eyes to tell the story in visual terms.

Watch how Mrs. Verlock's face is suddenly stricken when she sees the bird get killed in the cartoon movie right after the moments she tries to laugh her grief off.

Look at the beautiful graphic match of the turtle aquarium to Mr. Verlock's sick fantasy of what happens to some buildings. I also really liked the intense scene in the dinner table, that Hitch accentuates with his beautiful camera movement. And oh, that wicked angle when we see Mrs. Verlock right past the doorway, and in the F.G., the feet of the slain Mr. Verlock.

I really don't know how Hitch did that double-decker explosion. It was really clever as it was really quick. I hafta see this film again to figure out how they did that train blast.

People say this is an elaborately detailed thriller; I can see part of that --- you'll laugh when you watch the last scene where the police officers realize something they didn't earlier.

Best of all, SABOTAGE is only 75 minutes in runtime. Yes sir, better than a hundred or 110.

Retitled A Woman Alone in the U.S.

Grade A+

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