3 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
*perchance might contain spoilers* Yes, see this movie, if anything to tweek off the armor chestplated, shrieking and spasmodic GOP types, who declare Hades and damnation upon all whose eyes fall upon this motion picture. Michael Moore has hewed together an interesting, spell binding and slam bang salute to democracy with this heavy fall out documentary. If IL' daddy, the 41st President (papa of the current Bush) had to shimmy down the pole from the ivory tower to personally attack Moore, calling him: "...A slimeball...", then you know, this is a must see of a pic. If he had just blown it off with the wave of a hand, then most of us "proles" (i.e. dirty blue collared types) wouldn't have bothered, I think. Moore mixes together in montage and audio a deeply probing relationship between the Bush clan, American defense and intelligence communities and those happy-go-lucky Saudi folks, for whom lots o' cash has been passed around. Moore's wry (and I do mean as wry as a Saharin desert) commentary, combine with words captured straight from the horses mouth, after a fashion, make for an informative and compelling saga from start to finish. I think you'll laugh (as I did), get uneasy over the moribund foreign affairs (as I did) and take a long, long second look at our current President (as I know I sure did and will do with my vote come next ballot can collecting). This is heavy stuff, and will make you think long and hard. Yes, you might even shed a tear or two, yet the choice is clearly up to your own mind. Yes, you can dismiss this as Anti-American pap or you can shake the pom-poms of democracy; either way, you are thinking for yourself (hopefully), without some obnoxious soundbite doing it for you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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