Kim Possible (2002–2007)
I guess it's okay but.........
14 November 2002
I just don't know. It lacks the serious appealing epic persona that other action cartoons like "Samurai Jack" "Justice League" "Yu-Gi-Oh" or "Inuyasha" have. The characters just don't seem much at all. They don't really give out any information on most. And the villains are just pathetic, a crybaby smurf bent on terroism that can't do anything right, and that crazt Scotsman who uses golf as a weapon? I'm sure that he is a ripoff of the Scotsman from Samurai Jack despite the sides they are on. The only character I really like is the evil girl that causes the fight scens with Kim. AND I HATE THAT RON STOPABAL CHARACTER. he is so annoying. I will give this show a chance do for now 5/10 But I would rather watch this then horrible garbage like "Lizzie McGuire'' or ''The Famous Jet Jackson, or "Even Stevens, or "The Jersy" all of which revolve around unrealistic perfects if you think about it.
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