Rocket Power (1999–2004)
Please Go Away!!! Please!!! Enough's Enough!!!
1 November 2001
Why is it that Nickelodeon keeps putting out these moronic shows? Nickelodeon needs to stop. Not tomorrow, not later on today, now!!! Now damn it, now!!!

The show is basically about a bunch of kids who skate, surf or rollerblade. Why you ask? Cause the guys who made this show couldn't really think for these kids to do. They need to go and get a freakin' job. Now there's something these kids can do. "Rocket Power" also tries to inject a bit of social commentary by showing us some of the problems these kids have and how they deal with them. These attempts at trying to reach out to the viewer are just lame and idiotic. I really wish this cartoon, along with all the rest of the shows that that the people at Nickelodeon are producing would just get flushed down a toilet or something, just as long as they go away and never come back.

This show is just the same moronic crap that Nickelodeon has been making since it's decent into idiocy. Shows like CatDog(just plain stupid), Spongebob Squarepants(complete sh**), and The Wild Thornberry's(total crap).

This cartoon sucks and I hate it.
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