Vastly entertaining and satisfying!
17 July 2001
As a student of the Arthurian legend who is also a Christian, I was reluctant to read the story "from the pagan point of view," but the women's angle was tempting. When I learned it was being turned into a TV movie, with Julianna Margulies as Morgaine, I HAD to read the book before watching the movie! I found the book somewhat "modernized" in that it included characters not in the earliest legends. The movie, even more so, especially shifting to the modern versions of some of the names, and using sets and costumes more fitting to the 12th century than the 6th.

It took me a while to get into the book, but I learned to care for Morgaine, and Margulies really brought her to life in the movie! As I expected, a lot of details had to be dropped for the movie, but they were mostly details I didn't like in the book (two Merlins, Faerie beyond Avalon, etc.)What I did NOT like were the Camelot and Avalon backdrops, which looked flat and unreal!

Of course, now I want to read the book again, at least the ending, to understand some of the changes better.

And, yes, I want to buy the video!
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