Deadly Love (1987)
24 May 2004
Poor acting, poor lighting, poor sound, poor script. A ridiculous amount of boring flashbacks - this is bad!

I was hoping for an interesting revenge fantasy (biker zombie from hell wreaks gory mayhem). No chance. Who knows what's going on? Who cares? There used to be a time when the low budget film makers seemed to be providing gore and shocks that really worked - films that became instant cult classics for most of the right reasons (alright, we don't necessarily expect the best of acting all the time, but a decent shocker could always help you to forgive that.) These days the big budget horrors hold the cards because they are actually of a decent standard. The late 80s onwards saw a steady decline in the standards of so many independent horror flicks. This would be a classic example - except the use of the word 'classic' regarding any aspect of this film sticks in the throat.
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