The Patriot (2000)
God forbid! It's PRO-American!
22 January 2001
The whinging of the folk complaining about this film's unabashedly pro-U.S. sentiments got me angry enough to respond.

First of all, if the British WERE so blasted wonderful, sweet, gentle, etc., WHY EVER did we revolt from them? I've read the accounts of the time and the grinding truth of it was that Americans did not have and were not going to get the rights of Englishmen in any other way than by taking them at the point of a gun. Oh, right, guns are icky... Freedom is icky... The U.S. is icky... Keep repeating the lies until everyone believes them, and don't let the truth near the schools. If any of the self-assured boors who deny the ferocity of some of the British even know the names 'Banastre Tarleton,' 'Simon Girty,' and 'Jane McCrae, then I'd be stunned--and then call them liars instead of uneducated.

Sets, costuming, scenes, all superb. Acting, uniformly good. Score, wonderful. Some telescoping of historical events, some historical characters (such as the brilliant Nathaniel Greene and Lafayette) not quite as prominent as they should have been. Battle scenes staggering, and well executed, scenes of every day life very well done.

It is a shame when patriotism is something some find objectionable in a film. I was amazed to find it at all.
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