Double Platinum (1999 TV Movie)
The best movie I have EVER seen!
16 March 2001
I have commented on this film once before, and I want to comment on it again, I just love this film, since my last comment, I have grew to love Ms.Ross more than ever, I have researched her, read her book, got her autograph, and continued to watch this movie, I truly just love all of the characters performances, not just Ms. Ross's. I like Brian Stokes-Mitchells and Brandy's as well, they are just all very talented!! I just believe this was the best casted tv movie ever, sure, they might have all been something they're not, and sure, they used their own songs, but I mean, it's a tv movie, not something with a grand opening with a bunch of stars in hollywood, it's an ABC tv movie, they're not going to go all out and have them learn new songs, it's a great way for ABC to earn some money and for Ms. Ross and Brandy to promote their cds. I just think you guys are being a little too babyish about it, no they didn't go all out, and I don't think very many people expected them to, just remember the key word here, TELEVISION!!! So just drop the whole thing and grow up!!!!
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