Rubbish... and then some
8 January 2003
Mind-numbingly tedious bilge wherein some funny-looking kids with hairy feet and oo-ar Devon accents wander round New Zealand getting into impossibly perilous situations, the odds stacked against them like a great big stacked thing (with horns!), and then escape while their adversaries inexplicably kill each other instead. It makes the A Team look well written.

There's a big battle scene at the end which is really exciting provided you haven't already seen Spartacus, Braveheart, Gladiator, Star Wars, the first awful Rings film and indeed any other big-budget film made in the last 40 years. Otherwise it's just dull.

If you're really at a loose end and tempted to see this film, give serious consideration to tuning in to BBC Parliament instead and watching a select committee live from the Welsh Assembly.
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