Review of Ice

Ice (1998 TV Movie)
Confusing catastrophe movie
6 March 2001
After a natural disaster, the Northern Hemisphere enters a new ice age with temperatures as low as 70 below zero. Society in the US breaks down, and the only place with decent temperatures is the Equator, but it is almost impossible to get there.

This story sounds somewhat promising, I always found those apocalyptic movies kind of fascinating, but the execution of this one is horrible. The story doesn't make sense, something about a group of people from Los Angeles getting a ride on a submarine to the Equator. The movie is full of confusing and ill-placed side stories.

The acting is bad, but the director and the story is partly to blame. None of the characters are likeable, not even the heroes. The only positive thing about the movie is consistently creepy Udo Kier who adds a little ambiguity to this rather silly movie.
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