Plenty of Action, But Frequently Confusing
12 July 2001
There's plenty of action in "Blake of Scotland Yard", but it is frequently confusing and chaotic. It was apparently edited into a feature film from a serial of some 10-15 episodes, which would account for the sometimes bewildering rush of events. No doubt the full-length serial would provide more explanation, while also retaining the exciting action scenes.

Sir James Blake's niece Hope and her friend Jerry are inventors who have come up with a device that they think will eliminate the threat of war. As they demonstrate it, a gang of criminals led by "the Scorpion" spies on them, and makes plans to steal the invention. When they do pilfer it, Blake and his associates must recapture the machine and also determine the identity of the elusive "Scorpion".

There is a confusingly long list of characters, and they spend all of their time fighting, spying on each other, impersonating one another, and sneaking around through the secret corridors that seem to be a feature of every building they enter. They keep you in constant suspense as to what is going to happen next, and in constant confusion as to what has just happened. The claims made for the gizmo that is at the center of all this fuss also seem rather implausible.

This movie could have been a lot better in a somewhat longer version that would make all of the action easier to follow.
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