Classic Camp
6 April 2003
A great film like this is a result of the rare convergence of many talents: Rebane (Ito), Neumeyer (screenplay), Wally Flaherty et al. In fact it is Bill Rebane's innocent and somewhat naive approach that turns his earnest effort (like the turning of water into wine) into this true camp classic. No one could set out to purposely make a film like this; they would fail.

When Lartronic rented this movie from the "Le Bad" section of Blockbuster, what did he expect? Those who want a good laugh from a movie that can entertain as only a true camp classic can, then this is your movie! Also rent "The Alpha Incident", "Gift From the Red Planet", "Giant Spider Invasion" and Rebane's other classics. Mr. Rebane should be honored by the Academy for his lifetime contributions to the camp category of motion pictures. He is truly a genius in this respect.
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