Avoid it, despite the leading stars.
10 May 2001
The Good stuff.

k.d. Lang, just perfect, just perfect! Creative use of SFX for the changes in scenery. Attractive leads.

The Bad stuff.

Too many gratuitous SFX for the changes in scenery. The completely gratuitous snow-globes that tell us where we *WILL be* instead of where we have been. The cheesy dialogue "The Fox in the Mink is cool as a cucumber", ¡Man, it bad! The annoying little girl.

The implausible stuff.

Ewan Mc Gregor picking *everything up* (spy equipment) all the time. Ewan Mc Gregor carrying all the spy equipment without making noises. Ashley Judd not noticing video cameras right outside her window. Living inside a bell tower in a church. Nobody is that motivated. How did McGregor pay his bills for more than a year? And it goes on......

The Verdict.

Catch it on cable, but do not rent it.
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