Review of Brother

Brother (1997)
Avoid at all costs.
12 October 2001
A hit in Russia and inexplicably rated by buffs, this truly awful movie is a dim, messy endurance test. Though they are at the heart of the plot, Viktor's criminal connections are never explained, the acting is amateurish in the worst possible way, and the horrifying array of cable knitwear is too much for western eyes to take. Also a subplot involving a mesmerisingly awful synth rock band called Nautulis seems beamed in from another planet.

Viktor Sukhorukov, who would prove so effortlessly sinister in Balabanov's next project, "Of Freaks and Men" (where his character would again share his real name) is a skeletal, leering caricature, and the less said of Sergei Bodrov in the lead the better. Visually, the film seems lost in a colourless sludge.

Be kind to yourself: see "Of Freaks and Men" instead and forget that this film exists.
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