Review of Galaxis

Galaxis (1995)
80's-ish, B Grade, hammy sci fi (calling it SF is really being too nice!)
14 April 1999
Saw this the other night on late night TV. A piece of poop really! There are some fine performances by anyone who died in the film, because considering the (over) acting, the dead ones were the most believable!

The plot steals from extensively from Terminator & T2. Being a 1995 release, one would expect more! Moreover, the poor optical effects makes this feel like 80s schlock rather than 90s SF.

I also have to mention one scene where the directors tried their best to pull off the night club scene from Blade Runner. Looked more like the cafeteria scene from my local senior citizen's club.

If you watch this again, watch out in the club scene for the so called "Chinese" writing on the walls. Imagine someone trying to write in English without knowing the Roman alphabet and that's what you had on those walls, utter gibberish.

I recommend you see this whilst inebriated, apparently the writers were!
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