Too Young to Die? (1990 TV Movie)
a real beaming ray of sunshine
19 September 2004
I saw this movie on TV when it was originally released (i was 11 i think) and I never saw it again, but I fairly certain that it scarred me for life. Some of the visuals were so... disturbing. I think one sign of a well-done movie is when it's viewers can recall the images over a decade later when they are busy doing something else. I'm not sure what it was about it that stuck with me so, the hopelessness or futility? This movie really showcases Juliette Lewis's impressive acting ability, it was the first time I had ever seen her, the next time I saw her was "Natural Born Killers." I was surprised to learn that This movie was based on a true story, that's even more disturbing. I was also surprised to see that Brad Pitt was in it, I guess it's back when he was a bit less famous :). To make a long opinion about a made-for-TV movie short, not everything has a happy silver lining, and sometimes you have to be smacked in the face by cold harsh reality to appreciate the good things.
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