Review of Shakma

Shakma (1990)
Poor little monkey
8 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The only good character in this movie is the poor little monkey. Too bad he's killed at the end ( of course. He could not win anyway).

Well. I don't even remember the other characters, as they are insipid and uninteresting. Good thing Shakma clean the world of them, considering they tried to kill him first.

A good thing in this movie, the monkey kills about everybody. The "hero" seems badly wounded at the end of the movie and I like to think he will die of his wounds before he gets some outside help. Well, I hope so.

I'm not sure, but I think there is some story in this movie. A bunch of pseudo-scientist students and professor makes experiences on animals, kill a baboon and play a rolegame after school hours in the building. The game seems pretty boring, but they enjoy it anyway. Tadaaa ! The monkey is not really dead, he awakes very angry ( I can understand that) and kills everyone. They deserve it. There is a scene with a girl in a car and two morons throwing forks at her, and some other scenes like this one to make the movie last 1 1/2 hour long.

Maybe it was necessary to make a movie about a killer baboon ( there is even movies with killer tomatoes, so why not monkeys ?) but there is no need to watch it. If you really like killer baboons on a campus try creepshow instead. Well, seriously, I gave it 3 because the monkey is so cute, but this is REALLY a bad movie
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