Review of Lurkers

Lurkers (1988)
This is the worst movie ever made!
23 July 2001
I read about Lurkers in the pages of "Fangoria Magazine." Always on the lookout for interesting horror films outside of the mainstream, I went down to a now defunct mom and pop video store not far from my home and rented Lurkers and a couple of other flicks. It was "get one free" day. Thank God for that fact as I would never, ever pay for Lurkers and you shouldn't either.

Lurkers is without doubt, the worst film ever made. It's not a "so bad it's good" deal but, "so bad it truly is a worthless peice of complete and total garbage that wasted film stock that could have been used on worthier projects" type of film. It's muddled script can't make up it's mind as to what it is. Is it a Horror film, a porno film (there are many gratuitous sex scenes, betraying the director's porno background), a tour of New York City (there is lots of padding featuring the main characters driving around the Big Apple), what is it? Who knows, certainly not the film makers. The film's pace drags on and on and on, seemingly with no end in sight. It's what the fast forward button was made for, trust me.

There is nothing, nothing even remotely entertaining about Lurkers. The gore, the naked women, nothing lives up this truly awful turkey. Do not waste your time trying to track down this film, it vanished for a reason. It's no good!
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