Curse II: This Bites
2 June 2003
I can't believe this film has mustered up even 3.7 stars as this movie is not very good. It's only real highlights are an appearence by Sydney Lassick (known for his memorable role as "Charlie Cheswick" in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's

Nest") and Jamie Farr ("Klinger" from "M*A*S*H"). Note to Hollywood directors: If Sydney Lassick is your movie's ONLY highlight, you have a very serious problem.

The special effects are terrible and overcompensated for by being way more

gooey and graphic than they needed to be. I've seen episodes of "Perfect

Strangers" that were more suspensful. Seeing some guys gauze wrapped hand

turn slowly into a moistened rubber snake puppet is nowhere near as thrilling as when Cousin Larry almost missed his big job interview because lovable Balki

lost his car keys.

The film is topped off with 7 or 8 major product placement scenes and close to 14 1/2 hours of Jeep driving in the desert footage.

One final and interesting note: "Deputy Barney" is played by someone who later went on to play Jesus. I'll let you make up your own sarcastic comments.
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