After Death (1989)
Complete nonsense!
5 May 2004
ZOMBIE 4 is sooooooo bad that after watching it, I thought my DVD player was defective and it accidentally skipped a couple of chapters because the whole "story" just didn't make any sense at all and only a technical glitch with the DVD player would explain the massive plot holes in this cheap flick.

I thought OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES was wretched but ZOMBIE 4 actually surpassed it. Everything about ZOMBIE 4 is crap. At least there were some sex scenes in OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES. In ZOMBIE 4, there's nothing. Just a couple of interesting gore scenes and is better filmed than super murky OASIS.

There's a hilarious scene when one of the men wants to make out with a woman and the woman is reluctant. Well, that's understandable when they just escaped from an attack of a dozen zombies, who are still lurking right outside the house. Buddy, talk about bad timing. Arf!

Anyway, it's only worth seeing if you're a horror completist, enjoy Euro horror or are a zombie freak. No one else should see this abomination.
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