Below average eighties movie...
22 August 1999
"Rest in Pieces" is not a very good movie. In fact, I found this movie to be quite a bore. It did have its moments, however, and was at least good enough to keep my interest.

The plot of "Rest in Pieces" is as follows: A greatly disliked woman poisons herself and leaves her money and estate to her niece. The niece and her husband then go to the small village in which the estate lies to see what they inherited. Once there, they find that the village is a front for a religious cult of undead people. The cult then is after the niece, trying to kill her and resurrect her into their cult.

This movie, like most eighties horror movies, had cheap gore effects and was full of nudity. Though some of the actors (the priest comes to mind) were convincing, most of the acting was bad. There were an uncountable number of plotholes (there was a part in which a dead person suddenly sat up. The undertaker simply said "Don't worry, that's common" and pushed it back down). On the upside, there were many scenes, such as the one mentioned above, that caused unintentional laughter. There is also plenty of nudity, which I need not say is a good thing.

This is one worth avoiding. My rating: 3 out of 10
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