Sopwiths and Synthesizers
12 September 2002
This film is unlikely to find resonance with the readers of Birdsong or All quite on the Western Front but in all honesty even the briefest glance at the pre movie credits (poor lightning striking the Manhattan skyline). Gives the relaxing and almost comfortable feeling of a movie not intent on historical or literal accuracy

Only seeing this film once as a child its details remained only dimly lodge in my mind, yet the story line lingered vividly. Quite by chance seeing this film again through student/bedsit eyes revealed an 80's classic which remains almost unknown. Overlooking some picky errors such as the inclusion of post WW1 characters such as lacy, ginger etc. and the sighting on more than one occasional of powerlines in occupied Europe, the movie shines with dodgy 80's dress sense throughout and a retro soundtrack to rival any Beverly hills cop film.

This movie allows a huge degree of escapism and to an extent acts as a unlikely link to a period of film making which will maybe never make critics stand and applaud. But never the less will always fill late night TV slots and bring a smile to those able to regard such efforts with a pinch of salt. * Note the ability to throw a hand grenade into the copit of a fast moving/low flying aircraft with an ease that almost points to a degree of practice.

Biggles the film acts as a cult film for a selected few, or a sort art-house film for people who don't like art-house movies. All in all this is a great roller coaster ride with about as much factual basing as a comic book. But this does not detract from the film which represents an 80's classic leaving the viewer waiting for Adam Ant or the Human League to don their flying leathers and reach for the skies!
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