Twisted Old Fruit!!!
5 October 1999
"Spinal Tap" is a comedy classic. There are so many funny

parts in it. Some of the best one's are when there manager

is trying to get the band into there hotel rooms & there

is a problem at the front desk,"Twisted Old Fruit" then

the part where Nigel is having a difficult time in trying

to make a sandwich. Then the part when "Harry Shearer"

gets stuck in that Pod on stage & he's in there for the

whole song only to finally be released from it at the end

of the song. The pose that he strikes after it is hilarious!!! Like most of the the comments said, this movie is that

much better on DVD. You get a ton of extra stuff. It's

well worth the money...I don't like alot of language in

movie's but I found myself laughing at the way they said

certain words in this. The british accents made the difference. I am very surprised that a sequel never came out after all

this time....I don't think it would have topped this one.
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