absolutely the best concert film of all time
22 March 2003
and also the only true work of art that Jonathon Demme has ever produced. I have shown this film to friends who have never heard of or listened to Talking Heads, and all agree that a) it is a freaking incredible film, b) I am a god for having shown it to them, and c) they need to go out immediately and buy a copy for themselves. If you haven't seen this film, take that copy of "Song Remains The Same" (which should have been called "Song Remains So Lame", and I love LedZep so kwitcherbitchin hehe) and throw it away. This is so watchable that I'm still not tired of it after seeing it more than a dozen times in 1984 and owning the DVD since I got my first player 5 years ago.
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