The Pit (1981)
illogical, unpleasant, asinine....
28 January 2000
I have watched unpleasant horror films before, but few left me feeling so befouled as "The Pit". Watching the little pervert Jamie push his friends and neighbors into the hole where the cannibal monsters live is laughable, but to place that side by side with his voyeurism and other unrelated sadistic behavior is just too much to bear even in the name of parody. Jamie is nothing more than a human abomination created for purely exploitationist purposes. Are we really supposed to have any kind of sympathy for him? Not even the alleged possessed teddy bear generates any empathy or understanding. In fact, the teddy bear business is an illogical distraction. The acting performances are uninspired caricatures. The direction is limp and pedestrian. The art values in the sets and cinematography are non-existent. Nothing about the film rings true. "The Pit" is a true contender for the title "Most Immoral Film Ever".
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