Banned Video Nasty - How, Why?????
9 March 2004
This film was banned during the witch hunt of the early 80's, my only question is why??? The only redeeming feature of this pile of steaming dung are the eponymous murders which aren't that bad considering that the budget for the whole film must have been approaching the $12 mark. All 3 murders shown are filmed and scripted exactly the same. The acting is woeful and the sound, editing and directing are nothing short of abysmal. Having said that though there does seem to be a strange attraction about this film but I'm afraid that this attraction is only of the 'Sooooooo Bad its good' variety!! If you want to watch a film that stirs the intellect leave well alone, if you want to see an example of how not to do it then this is the film for you. 1/2* out of *****
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