6 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers
According to the "alternate versions" listing at this site, there is a heavily edited version of The Severed Arm with most of the gore scenes removed. I think this is the version I saw. Nevertheless, I doubt that any amount of gore could possibly redeem this film.

The story might have been interesting, but it falls apart under the burden of terrible acting, dialogue, music, and photography. Even giving the filmmakers the ultra-low-budget benefit of the doubt, this is just a badly made, boring movie.

Spoilers follow.

It's obvious from the first few times we see her that the daughter character is involved in the killings. But of course the heroes trust her completely and let her know all their plans and leave themselves alone with her many times. And the ending is so stupid it should never even have been scripted. The villain locks a man in a dungeon cell provided with a hunting knife, under the assumption that the prisoner will eventually amputate his own arm for food. No one would EVER do that in that situation! Even if the hero couldn't find any way to escape using the knife, he would probably just use it to kill himself instead of choosing the ridiculous option of cutting off and eating his own arm. It's not a matter of survival-- even if he succeeded in the amputation, his captors would just kill him anyway. Anybody could have written a better ending!
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