Ballet of the Undead
8 December 2001
Well, I have to give these zombies credit for one thing. They are sure the fastest zombies I've ever seen. They like to run in really fast from the darkness, dance around for a little bit, swing a pick-axe in the general direction of a person, then dance away. I'm still not sure how, but the person always seems to die. They probably can't wait to get out of this bad movie. My personal favorite heckle was about the prison itself. Chicken wire does not count as a prison. LOL I like the part when the zombie has to cut a wire with the ax. I'm just thinking, "Oh come on, it is like spider web!" Nothing I can say can possible describe the horror that I felt when I watched this movie. I suggest everyone watch this movie at least once in your life. Don't worry, it is only like thirty minutes long.
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