14 September 1999
Not many people remember "The Carey Treatment", and I can't say I blame them.

Blake Edwards did this during his lean years (i.e. - between "Pink Panther" movies.) and for a story of a doctor turned detective (Coburn) working to solve a murder in his hospital, it's actually pretty forgettable.

Coburn is dependable as always and O'Neill is beautiful as always but there just seems to be something missing from the proceedings. The story twists and turns aren't very involving and even the climax, which is supposed to be nerve-wracking, is gut-wrenching instead.

A missed opportunity altogether, and an unfortunate one at that, since it was based on a Michael Crichton book.

Oh well, at least Crichton didn't write a sequel to it.

One star. "Carey" on, Coburn.
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