A Tex Avery must-see masterpiece--Semi-spoiler
21 August 2000
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of Tex Avery's three must-be-seen masterpieces (the other two, in case you're wondering, are "Red Hot Riding Hood," also 1943, and "King-Size Canary," 1947). It is a spoof of the then popular but now all-but-forgotten "old dark house" sub-genre of comedy-mysteries. Who but Avery could so successfully parody something that was supposed to be funny to begin with? The film moves at such a lightning pace that when a forties pop-culture reference (e.g. the Jerry Colonna imitation among the falling bodies; Red Skeleton/Skelton) pops up to confuse younger viewers, another gag keeps them from being distracted by it. Older audiences, familiar with these icons of an earlier generation, WILL laugh at these bits. And there is plenty of timeless humor here, too. But I've given enough away, already. Again, "Who Killed Who?" is a must-be-seen classic.
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