A Sing-Along where the animation seems perfunctory and irrelevant
19 July 2004
The Sing-Along cartoons were often almost cheaters in that large segments of the running time were simply song lyrics running across the screen with a cue (usually a bouncing ball) pacing the audience as it sang along. They were quite popular for a number of years. The animation ranged from forgettable to excellent. This one is eminently forgettable. The only novelty involved is that Betty Boop, who at that point had been drawn as dog-like in all her previous appearances, has a feline appearance and is being courted by a would-be feline Lothario. This slender bit of novelty cannot save this from banality. The song isn't even all that memorable. Later Betty Boops would use more energetic, jazzy songs and stick more in the memory. For completeists.
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