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Poll: Favorite Part of the Thanksgiving Parades

One of the holiday traditions on Thanksgiving morning is waking up to watch the parades (such as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade).

What is your favorite part of the parades?

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    THE MAKING OF THE FLOAT "Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure" on Nick Jr at Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC

    The Giant Balloons
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    THE MAKING OF THE FLOAT "Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure" on Nickelodeon(Nick Jr)

    The Floats
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    Jim Carrey in Man on the Moon (1999)

    The Radio City Rockettes
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    Shaw University Marching Band Jr. Drum Major

    The Marching Bands
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    Amber & Leslie

    The Parade Queen and Court
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    The television hosts
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    Bruce Johnston, Mike Love, and The Beach Boys

    The celebrities on some of the floats
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    Milton Berle with the Chez Paree Girls, c. 1935.

    The Celebrity Grand Marshall (picture is of Milton Berle, Grand Marshall of the 1939 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade)
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    Edmund Gwenn in Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

    Santa Claus, of course!
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    Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long, and Michael Strahan in The Rebels (2014)

    Parades? I'm watching the football pre-game shows!
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    Reginald Owen in A Christmas Carol (1938)

    Parades? I'm sleeping in!

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