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Poll: Most Iconic Western Stars

There's no more classic genre than the Western, nor is there one which tends to take such a hold on those actors who become associated with it. Who do you think is the cowboy star who most unforgettably symbolizes the Old West?

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    Gene Autry

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    Charles Bronson

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    Yul Brynner

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    James Coburn

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    Gary Cooper

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    Kevin Costner

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    Andy Devine

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    Kirk Douglas

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    Robert Duvall

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    Clint Eastwood

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    Sam Elliott

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    Henry Fonda

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    Glenn Ford

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    James Garner

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    Richard Harris

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    William S. Hart

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    Charlton Heston

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    Terence Hill

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    Ben Johnson

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    Burt Lancaster

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    Dean Martin

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    Lee Marvin

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    Steve McQueen

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    Tom Mix

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    Audie Murphy

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    Paul Newman

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    Jack Palance

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    Tex Ritter

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    Roy Rogers

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    Randolph Scott

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    Tom Selleck

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    James Stewart

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    Lee Van Cleef

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    Eli Wallach

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    John Wayne

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