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Because being a hero isn't just about saving a group of hostages from terrorists, freeing a city from invaders or putting the bad guys in jail. Indeed, sometimes heroism is simply about having the courage to raise your voice, to act according to your beliefs, to take all the chances, all the hits and still move forward ... to become later, an inspiration for your friends, your family, your peers etc.

Since there is a little bit of Rocky, Spartacus and George Bailey in all of us, which of these 'heroic' moments have you lived at least once in your life? if you lived many of them, which one of the most intense and impacting in your life?

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    Norma Rae (1979)


    In the film : Norma Rae writes the word "UNION" on a piece of cardboard, stands on her work table, and slowly turns to show the sign around the room. One by one, the other workers stop their mill machines, and eventually, the entire room becomes silent.

    Similar situation : Juror #8 in 12 Angry Men (1957)

    In real-life : You find the courage to raise the only dissident voice, sincerely speaking for your beliefs, and then, one by one, your (at first) reluctant comrades share your opinion and express their solidarity or their agreement.

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    Rocky (1976)


    In the film : After a long and grueling battle, absorbing Creed's punishment, Rocky is almost knocked out in the 14th round, but, refusing to listen to Mick's "Stay Down!", he manages to get up. He'd never be knocked down again.

    Similar situation : Jefferson Smith in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

    In real-life : The inexperience and underestimated rookie you are have given enough and is just about to abandon, out of physical exhaustion, yet you find the heart to still challenge your opponents, you don't necessarily win but you do triumph over your demons.

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    It's a Wonderful Life (1946)


    In the film : Family, townspeople and friends give more than enough donations to save George Bailey and the "Building and Loan". Harry toasts his brother George as "the richest man in town".

    Similar situation : Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List (1993)

    In your life : People you helped (or saved) in the past help you in return to get through a difficult situation, expressing at the same time their gratitude and their recognition of your value as a good person.

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    On the Waterfront (1954)


    In the film : After confronting Johnny Friendly, telling him he's proud of what he did (blowing the whistle about his mob-connection), the badly wounded Terry forces himself to get on his feet and enters the dock, followed by the other longshoremen.

    Similar situation :Frank Serpico in Serpico (1973) (minus the recognition from his colleagues)

    In real-life : You spoke against something you believed to be 'wrong' or did something that earned you the reputation of a rat, yet you were never afraid to confront your opponents, to admit what you did, and in the long term, conqueedr back the respect of your comrades.

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    Spartacus (1960)


    In the film : The Romans try to locate the rebel leader for special punishment, every surviving man stands up and shouts "I'm Spartacus!".

    Similiar situation : quite a unique case in cinematic history, the closest scene (although not reflecting the same spirit) remains the hilarious "I'm Brian!" moment from Life of Brian (1979).

    In real-life : Your comrades shield you, hence risking the same punishment than you.

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    High Noon (1952)


    In the film : Finally out of danger, the townspeople emerge. Will Kane stares at the crowd and contemptuously throws his marshal's star in the dirt, leaving the town with his fair-haired beauty.

    (Almost) similar moment : Dirty Harry (1971) throwing his badge.

    In real-life : You took all the risk yourself and no one tried to help you. Incapable to stand people's hypocrisy and cowardice, you proudly leaves them with their worthlessness.