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Poll: Wait...WHO are you and WHERE are you from?

All these actors play(ed) many different ethnicities and nationalities. Who pulls it off the best?

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    Erick Avari

    (Indian) has played Greek (Daredevil), Alien (Stargate), Pakistani (The West Wing), Egyptian (The Mummy), Libyan (Seaquest), French (Nothing Lasts Forever), Afghani (The Beast of War) and more
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    Yul Brynner

    (Russian) has played American (Magnificent Seven), continental European (Death Rage, The Battle of Neretva, Triple Cross), Thai (The King and I), Mexican (Adios Sabata), Argentinian (The Light at the Edge of the World), Indian (The Long Duel), Israeli (Cast a Giant Shadow), Japanese (Flight from Ashiya), Native American (Kings of the Sun), Arab (Escape from Zahrain), Nubian (Solomon and Sheba), Egyptian (The Ten Commandments) and many more
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    Cliff Curtis

    (Maori from New Zealand) has played Latin American (Blow, Training Day), Middle Eastern (Three Kings, The Insider), Spanish (The Fountain) Chechen (Traffic) and more
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    Alec Guinness

    (British) played Arabian (Lawrence of Arabia), Russian (Doctor Zhivago), Indian (A Passage to India), Japanese (A Majority of One), German (Hitler: The Last Ten Days) and more
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    Mark Ivanir

    (Russian-born Israeli) has played Polish in Schindler's List, French (Walker Texas Ranger), German (Monk), Yugoslav (The Terminal), Greek (Dollhouse) and more
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    Ben Kingsley

    (Russian Jew/Kenyan Indian from Britain) has played Russian (Lenin: The Train), Middle Eastern (Moses, House of Sand and Fog, Prince of Persia), European and American Jews (Anne Frank: The Whole Story, Schindler's List) and many, many more
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    Peter Lorre

    (Austrian/Hungarian Jew) played Japanese (the Mr. Moto films), Chinese (They Met in Bombay), French (Mad Love, Passage to Marseilles), Russian (Background to Danger), German (in many movies set in WWII) and more
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    Alfred Molina

    (Brit of Spanish and Italian descent) has played Russian (Anna Karenina and Letter to Brezhnev), various Hispanic/Latino characters (Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Perez Family, Frida, Maverick), Middle Eastern (Not Without My Daughter, Boogie Nights) and others
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    Rita Moreno

    (Puerto Rican) has played American (Singin' in the Rain), Myanmarese (The King and I), Indian (Father Knows Best), Filipino (Pagan Love Song), Jewish-American (Slums of Beverly Hills), Mexico (Casa de Los Babys) and more
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    Gary Oldman

    (British) has played Russian (Air Force One), German (Immortal Beloved), Romanian/Transylvanian (Dracula), American (True Romance, Leon), Dutch (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead), Roman (Jesus)
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    Jürgen Prochnow

    (German) has played Hungarian (The Fall), Russian (The Fourth War), Kazakhstani (Air Force One), Calladan (Dune), Scottish (Macbeth), American (In the Mouth of Madness), British (Robin Hood), French (The Da Vinci Code)
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    Anthony Quinn

    (Mexican and Irish born in Mexico, raised in the US) played Middle Eastern (Road to Morocco, Lawrence of Arabia, Barabbas), French (Lust for Life), Greek (Guns of Navarone, Zorba the Greek) and many many more
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    Peter Sellers

    (British) played Indian (The Party and The Road to Hong Kong), Chinese (Murder by Death, The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu), French (What's New, Pussycat?), German (Doctor Strangelove) and more
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    Tony Shalhoub

    (Lebanese-American) has played Italian (Wings, Big Night), Cuban-American (Primary Colors), alien (Men in Black) and more
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    Omar Sharif

    (Lebanese/Egyptian) played Russian (Doctor Zhivago), Spaniard (Behold a Pale Horse), Mongol (Genghis Khan), Argentinian (Che!), American Jew (Funny Girl) and many, many more
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    Peter Stormare

    (Swedish) has played Russian (Bad Boys II), American (The Lost World: Jurassic Park), German (The Big Lebowski), Italian (The Brothers Grimm), French (Chocolat), Danish (Ekko), Norwegian (Tatt av kvinnen) and more
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    Meryl Streep

    (American) has played Polish (Sophie's Choice), Italian (The Bridges of Madison County), Australian (A Cry in the Dark), Danish (Out of Africa), British (The French Lieutenant's Woman, The Iron Lady), Irish (Dancing at Lughnasa) and more

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