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Poll: Stuck on a Ship Situations

Which of the following situations on a ship would you fear most?

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    Titanic (1997)

    You are in the middle of Atlantic ocean and your ship crushes with an iceberg.
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    "Jaws" Richard Dreyfuss

    You are on a boat and a shark is around your ship.
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    Elliott Marks, SMPSP

    You are hostage on a ship of undead pirates.
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    You are on a ship and the mythical Kraken is nearby.
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    Forrest Harding and Suraj Sharma in Life of Pi (2012)

    You must survive on a boat with a tiger.
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    In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

    You are on a boat and a giant whale is nearby.
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    Poseidon (2006)

    or The Poseidon Adventure (1972)

    You are on a ship which a giant wave has overturn it.

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    Ghost Ship (2002)

    You are on an old ship with ghosts inside.
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    Tom Hanks, Faysal Ahmed, and Mahat M. Ali in Captain Phillips (2013)

    You are on a ship which has taken by pirates.
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    DeRay Davis in The Fog (2005)

    You are on a boat and a deadly fog which kills everything is spread.
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    Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn in The African Queen (1951)

    You are on a boat and you must make a journey while you are avoiding soldiers who want to kill you, waves and insects.
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    The Perfect Storm (2000)

    You get trapped inside the worst storm in history.
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    Erwin Leder in Das Boot (1985)

    You're trapped in the claustrophobic world of a WWII German U-boat.
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    Robert Redford in All Is Lost (2013)

    You are on a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean, with no navigation equipment and a defective radio, after your yacht taking in water after a collision with a shipping container.
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    Tallulah Bankhead, William Bendix, Hume Cronyn, Mary Anderson, John Hodiak, and Henry Hull in Lifeboat (1944)

    You are one of the survivors of a torpedoed ship and you are in the same boat with the men who sunk it.
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    Famke Janssen and Treat Williams in Deep Rising (1998)

    You are on a ship and a large-sized, tentacled, man-eating sea creature is coming for you.
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    Sandra Bullock and Jason Patric in Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)

    You are on a ship and a computer hacker breaks into the ship's computer system and sends it on a speeding collision course into a gigantic oil tanker.
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    Charles Laughton and Franchot Tone in Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)

    You're caught in the middle of a mutiny. Do you stay loyal to your country or fight the perceived tyranny of the ship's captain?
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    You're on a ship in which you're aging very quickly.
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    The Last Voyage (1960)

    Trapped under wreckage and ignored by crew while the ocean liner sinks.
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    Voyage of the Damned (1976)

    You are on a ship fleeing Nazi Germany, but no country will let you and your fellow Jewish passengers get off in their country (and you end up returning to your death in Germany).

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