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Poll: Top of the User Polls: 1920s

These films are the highest rated by IMDb users for each of the years from 1920-29. Some real surprises here. Which is the film you'd most like to see?

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    The Restless Sex (1920)

    Marion Davies and Carlyle Blackwell star in this romantic drama.
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    The Kid (1921)

    Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan star is this poignant comedy.
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    When Knighthood Was in Flower (1922)

    Marion Davies stars in this opulent costume drama.
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    Safety Last! (1923)

    Harold Lloyd stars in this classic thrill comedy.
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    Yolanda (1924)

    Marion Davies stars in this historical romance.
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    Zander the Great (1925)

    Marion Davies and Harrison Ford star in this comedy about a runaway orphan.
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    Beverly of Graustark (1926)

    Marion Davies stars as a woman masquerading as a European prince.
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    Metropolis (1927)

    Brigitte Helm stars in this look at the future.
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    The Five O'Clock Girl (1928)

    Marion Davies stars in this early talkie famously shelved by MGM.
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    His Glorious Night (1929)

    John Gilbert stars in this romantic drama about star-crossed lovers.

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