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    Movie Movie (1978)

    Poll Related to Movie Titles

    * The Greatest Movie of ....(year/actor/set/various specific theme here) * Favorite Film about .... (various specific theme here) * etc

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    The TV Set (2006)

    Poll Related to TV Titles

    > The Greatest TV of ....(year/actor/set/various specific theme here) > Favorite TV about .... (various specific theme here) > etc

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    The TV Set (2006)

    Poll Related to TV Episodes

    - The ... (saddest/funniest/scariest/ various specific theme here) episode from (TV Title)

    • etc
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    Character (1997)

    Poll Related to The Character

    - Which Movie/Tv Character that ....(various specific theme here)

    • Favorite Movie/TV Character about .... (various specific theme here)
    • etc
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    The Directors (1997)

    Poll Related to The Director

    - The Greatest Movie of ....(name of specific director)

    • Which is your Favorite .... (year/nationality/collaboration/various specific theme here) director?
    • etc
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    Don't Quote Me on That (2013)

    Poll Related to Movie Quotes / Taglines

    - Most memorable movie quotes of ....(name of specific movie/character/various specific theme here)

    • Which is your favorite movie quotes that .... (various specific theme here)?
    • Best movie quote about .... (various specific theme here)
    • etc
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    A-List (2006)

    Poll Related to IMDB TOP 250 List

    -Best ..... (movie/character/title/various specific theme here) of IMDB TOP 250 list

    • etc
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    Music (2010)

    Poll Related to Movie Soundtrack

    - The greatest score from ....(year/composer/genre/various specific theme here)

    • Favorite soundtrack about .... (various specific theme here)
    • etc
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    A Moment to Remember (2004)

    Poll Related to Specific Moment in Movie / TV

    - Best/worst .....(various specific theme here) moment / scene

    • The ..... (funniest/scariest/saddest/most romantic/various specific theme here) movie moment
    • etc
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    Object of Obsession (1994)

    Poll Related to Specific Object in Movie / TV

    - Favorite movie with special .... (vehicle /weapon/ food/ drink/ suit/ gadget/ various object here)

    • Best/worst .... (vehicle/ weapon /food/ drink/ suit/ gadget/various object here) in movie
    • etc
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    Cartoons (2011)

    Poll Related to Animated Movie/TV

    - The greatest ...(year/production house/genre/various specific theme here) animated movie

    • Favorite animated movie about .... (various specific theme here)
    • etc
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    Superhero Movie (2008)

    Poll Related to Superhero Movie / Character

    - Favorite ..... (movie/year/comic/various specific theme here) superhero

    • Greatest superhero that .... (various specific theme here)
    • etc
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    The 86th Annual Academy Awards (2014)

    Poll Related to Award Winning Movies/Actor/Actress / from another list

    - Best ..... (oscar/academy award/EMI/various award winning) winner for .... (movie/actor/actrees/various specific theme here)

    • AFI's best ... (movie/quote/villain/actor/various specific theme here)
    • etc
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    The Event (2003)

    Poll Related to A Current Event

    - Favorite ..... (christmas/halloween/valentine/ various specific event here) movie

    • In celebration of .... (mother/father/independence/ various specific event here) day, which movie / character is the best describing / portraying the following event
    • etc
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    Wordplay (2006)

    Poll Related to Word from Movie Title

    - Favorite / best movie with ... (name/letter/object/color/food/ various specific word) on the title

    • etc
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    The Poster (2010)

    Poll Related to Movie Poster

    - Most memorable/best/funniest/scariest movie poster including .... (various specific theme here) picture

    • etc
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    Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous (2008)

    Poll Related to Actor/actress

    - Best actor/actress to portray .... (various movie character here)

    • The greatest actor / actress from ..... (movie/year/nationality/ various specific theme here)
    • The most ... (beautiful/famous/well known/ various specific theme here) actor/actrees
    • etc
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    Personal Best (2012)

    Poll related to Personal Question/Demographic

    This poll is an example

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    Pairings (2012)

    Poll related to Hypothetical alternations, pairings, etc

    Compairing .... (movie/characters/quotes/poster/various specific theme here) with another similiar (or not) one with a connection

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    Face to Face (1976)

    Friday Face Off Poll
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    Anything Else (2003)

    Anything Else!.

    You might want to mention in the discussion board on the link above

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