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Poll: Proposals of a Different Kind

All these films feature scenes of a proposal of marriage. Not the traditional romantic dinner for two and diamond ring down-on-the-knee kind of thing though. Not the Chinese fortune cookie kind either.

Which way of proposing strikes you as the most unusual?

May contain SPOILERS as the proposal in question can be part of the plot and may come as a surprise.

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    The Proposal (2009)

    In order to keep her visa status, Margaret (Sandra Bullock) wants her PA Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her. After he instructs her how exactly to go about proposing to him, she is in front of him on her knees, on a busy city centre sidewalk and asks: "Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me?"
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    Leap Year (2010)

    Anna Brady (Amy Adams), desperate to tie the knot and not getting the hoped for proposal from her boyfriend, travels to Ireland in order to propose to him on 29 February, because, according to Irish tradition, a man who receives a marriage proposal on leap year day must accept it.
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    North by Northwest (1959)

    Cary Grant to Eva Marie Saint, while they are clambering down the face of Mount Rushmore, trying to escape their followers: "Well, if we ever get out of this alive, let's go back to New York on the train together, all right?" - "Is that a proposition?" - "No, it's a proposal."
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    The Ruling Class (1972)

    The mad lord (Peter O'Toole) and the "Lady of the Camellias" (Carolyn Seymour) doing a pantomime of courting birds on the lawn. Then, the lord: "Anything you care for? The Grand Canyon? A disused banana factory? Absolution?" - the girl: "A white wedding." - the lord: "Would next Tuesday suit you?"
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    Love Story (1970)

    Oliver's spontaneous proposal to Jenny on the sidewalk of a busy street, amid the noise of passing traffic and an airplane flying by overhead.
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    Notting Hill (1999)

    At a rather depressing dinner party Honey (Emma Chambers) makes the startling announcement that she's going to get married. Everybody asks to whom. She looks at Spike (Rhys Ifans) beside her and says "I was thinking of you". He looks surprised, then answers: "Groovy".
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    Creator (1985)

    Dr. Wolper putting up public notices all over the town, proposing to Meli, whose proposal to him he has turned down earlier on the grounds that she still calls him 'Dr. Wolper': "!NOTICE! - Nobel Laureate NEEDS!! Self-proclaimed nineteen-year-old nymphomaniac. Object: MATRIMONY"
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    Love Actually (2003)

    Jamie (Colin Firth) proposing to Aurelia (Lucia Moniz) in faulty Portuguese in the restaurant where she works as a waitress, while she is on duty, with her entire family, the restaurant staff and a houseful of diners looking on.
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    Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

    Charles (Hugh Grant) and Carrie (Andie MacDowell) in the street in the pouring rain, drenched to the bone. Charles: "Let me ask you one thing. Do you think - after we've dried off, after we've spent lots more time together - you might agree *not* to marry me? And do you think not being married to me might maybe be something you could consider doing for the rest of your life? "
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    How to Steal a Million (1966)

    Eli Wallach proposing to Audrey Hepburn as she is rushing out of the house: "You're in a rush? You want action? Fine. That's my mood too. Here. Catch!" He tosses a box with an engagement ring to her across the hallway.
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    Never Been Kissed (1999)

    Josie Geller (Drew Barrymore) proposes to Sam Coulson (Michael Vartan) through a newspaper story, asking that if he accepts he'll meet her center field on a baseball ground just before the final game of the season for the high school team.
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    His Girl Friday (1940)

    Cary Grant suggesting to Rosalind Russell that they get married again, while they're rushing to get a very important news story into print.
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    The Graduate (1967)

    Benjamin and Elaine kiss in the dark room and then, while yawning, Benjamin asks Elaine "would you marry me?"
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    The Godfather (1972)

    Michael Corleone to the father of the girl he wants to marry: "I apologize if I offended you, I am a stranger in this country and I meant no disrespect to you, or your daughter. I am an American -- hiding in Sicily. My name is Michael Corleone. There are people who'd pay a lot of money for that information but then your daughter would lose a father, instead of gaining a husband"
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    Raising Arizona (1987)

    The Ex-con H.I. (Nicolas Cage) proposing to the cop Ed (Holly Hunter): "I'm in here on my knees, Ed, a free man proposing... Howdy, Kurt."
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    It Happened One Night (1934)

    Peter tells Ellie's father that he loves Ellie and in effect asks for her hand in marriage, even though he knows she is getting married to a famous aviator the next day. When the father is walking Ellie down the aisle, he tells her that Peter wants to marry her and persuades her to walk out on the aviator and get married to Peter instead.
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    Walk the Line (2005)

    Johnny proposes to June while performing on stage. Johnny Cash: "I'm asking you to marry me. I love you, June. Now I know I said and done a lotta things, that I hurt you, but I promise, I'll never do that again. I only want to take care of you. I will not leave you like that dutch boy with your finger in the dam." [June Carter shakes her head] "You're my best friend. Marry me." June Carter: etly] "All right." Johnny Cash: "Yeah?" [They kiss & the crowd cheers]
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    Rocky II (1979)

    Rocky proposing to Adrian in front of the tiger exhibit during a walk in the zoo: "I was wonderin' what you were doin' the next 40 or 50 years."
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    Scarface (1983)

    Tony (Al Pacino) proposing to Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer): "Okay, here's the story. I come from the gutter. I know that. I got no education... but that's okay. I know the street, and I'm making all the right connections. With the right woman, there's no stopping me. I could go right to the top."
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    The Courtship of Myles Standish (1923)

    Pilgrim Miles Standish (too shy to do it himself) sends John Alden to propose to Priscilla Mullins on his behalf. Priscilla's reply to this proposal by proxy is: "speak for youself, John", turning John's proposal on behalf of another into one of her own to John himself.
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    The Wedding Singer (1998)

    Robbie (Adam Sandler) is serenading Julia (Drew Barrymore) on the way to Las Vegas, singing along with Billy Idol and asking her to marry him through a song about growing old together.
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    The African Queen (1951)

    When he and Katharine Hepburn are just about to be hanged for their attack on a German boat, Humphrey Bogart says to the captain supervising the execution: "Captain, will you grant us a last request? Marry us." In answer to which Katharine Hepburn smiles and says: "My Charlie. What a lovey idea."
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    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)

    Will (Orlando Bloom) proposing to Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) in the middle of a battle: "Will you marry me?"
    • Elizabeth: "I don't think now's the best time!"
    • Will: "Now may be the only time! I love you. I've made my choice. What's yours?"
    • Elizabeth: "Barbossa! (Will looks shocked) Marry us!"
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    The Millionairess (1960)

    Sophia Loren proposing to an unwilling Peter Sellers, both of them trying to abide by their respective parents' stipulations: her father's that her husband turn £500 into £15,000 within 30 days, his mother's that his wife be able to live on 35 shillings for a month.

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