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Poll: Casting for Shazam!

Even though Shazam! (2019) was announced a while ago and the role of the villain Black Adam was given to Dwayne Johnson, we are still left in the dark on who will play Billy Batson. This poll is for the casting of the adult version of Billy. When young Billy says SHAZAM he is given immense power and is turned into an adult but still acts like his childish self.

Which actor would you like to see as Shazam?

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  1. Vote!

    Alan Ritchson

  2. Vote!

    Liam Hemsworth

  3. Vote!

    Armie Hammer

  4. Vote!

    Channing Tatum

  5. Vote!

    Brandon Molale

  6. Vote!

    Daniel Cudmore

  7. Vote!

    John Krasinski

  8. Vote!

    Finn Wittrock

  9. Vote!

    Tyler Hoechlin

  10. Vote!

    Kellan Lutz

  11. Vote!

    John Cena

  12. Vote!

    Benjamin Walker

  13. Vote!

    Theo James

  14. Vote!

    Zac Efron

  15. Vote!

    Josh Duhamel

  16. Vote!

    Robert Kazinsky

  17. Vote!

    Derek Theler

  18. Vote!

    Lee Pace

  19. Vote!

    Joshua Sasse

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