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Poll: Original Apple TV+ Series

On November 1 of 2019, Apple launched its new streaming television service, Apple TV+, in over 100 countries.

The content of the new service is made exclusively of original titles and nine of them are available since the day of the launch.

Which of the first batch of Apple TV+ original productions do you want to see the most?

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Poll by Pencho15

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    Snoopy in Space (2019)

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    See (2019)

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    The Morning Show (2019)

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    Helpsters (2019)

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    Ghostwriter (2019)

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    For All Mankind (2019)

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    Dickinson (2019)

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    Oprah's Book Club (2019)

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    The Elephant Queen (2018)

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    Streaming Service (2018)

    Do you mean I have to pay yet another streaming service? Stop it already.

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