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Poll: I Can't Forgive a Film That Is ...

No movie's perfect, that's for sure. But even without any flaw in the acting, writing, editing and directing, even when the film is technically good and reach a point of cinematic Oscar-material excellence, there are some flaws that are just too big to ignore, or to forgive.

Speaking for yourself, you can't forgive a film that is...

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    Buster Keaton in The Paleface (1922)

    BOOOOORING: Some movies are uninteresting but they have a way to make you care for how uninteresting they are. Some are just so insufferably uninteresting you just can set up your mind to them.
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    James Cagney and Mae Clarke in The Public Enemy (1931)

    OFFENSIVE: Some movies seems to be programmed to tell you how 'group A' feels, fine, but in the process, it makes no effort to show the other side of the story and makes the members of 'group B' feel insulted by omission, if not explicitly offended.
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    Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein (1974)

    MANIPULATIVE: sometimes, it's like the director doesn't trust his own material and feels forced to put the most obvious tricks in order to make you feel the right emotion, I don't like being told how I should feel.
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    Timothy Carey

    POINTLESS: a story can be interesting but sometimes, you're just wondering what the point is, what new does it exactly bring.
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    Gunnar Björnstrand in Winter Light (1963)

    PREACHY: sometimes, there comes a point where the whole story becomes a tool for what clearly looks like a catechism session and the characters are less driven by the narrative and their actions than the personal need for the director to 'educate' the audience. The message can be noble, but not the intent.
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    "Psycho," Anthony Perkins.

    GRAPHIC: when the sight of blood or a naked body, or sex and violence are relevant to the film, I can "close my eyes" on it (so to speak) but when it doesn't add anything, not even of stylish and aesthetic value, it is more like a publicity stunt to attract viewers with morbid or lucious curiosity and then hypocritically advocating freedom of expression to feed the publicity. They don't fool me.

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