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Poll: Worst Movies Ever Made — Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988) (abbreviated as MST3K) is an cult classic American television comedy series created by Joel Hodgson.

The series was about a man named Joel, who is put in a spaceship by an evil scientist, and was forced to watch some of the worst B movies ever made. Joel makes some robots to keep him company. Two of the robots watch the cheesy movies with him. While the movie is shown, the three make jokes and comments about the movie they watch.

In your opinion (if you have not seen these movies, then based on the plot outline alone), which is the worst movie ever made?

Source: The 25 best episodes of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

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    Alien from L.A. (1988)

    A young woman with a childish voice travels to Africa looking for her missing archaeologist father, and stumbles into a strange subterranean civilization.
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    Frosty (1965)

    A fairy-tale about a conceited young man and a young woman with a tyrannical step-mother, who must overcome magical trials in order to be together.
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    The Horror of Party Beach (1964)

    Sea creatures created from radioactive sludge terrorize a beach community.
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    Mac and Me (1988)

    An alien trying to escape from NASA is befriended by a wheelchair-bound boy.
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    City Limits (1984)

    A pair of teenage motorcycle gangs maintain an uneasy truce between each other in the not-too-distant future. When an evil corporation tries to take over their ruined city, the gangs must decide whether to fight their common enemy.
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    Santa Claus (1959)

    With the aid of Merlin, Santa Claus must defeat the evil machinations of the devil Pitch to ruin Xmas.
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    Prince of Space (1959)

    When an alien force tries to invade Earth to steal a powerful new rocket fuel, a mysterious hero intervenes.
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    Kitten with a Whip (1964)

    A rising political star faces scandal and blackmail when the young woman he tries to help turns out to be a juvenile delinquent.
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    Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

    A family gets lost on the road and stumbles upon a hidden, underground, devil-worshiping cult led by the fearsome Master and his servant Torgo.
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    I Accuse My Parents (1944)

    Young man goes to work for gangsters to impress his nightclub-singer girlfriend.
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    Eegah (1962)

    Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage.
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    The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

    Giant spiders from another dimension invade Wisconsin.
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    Soultaker (1990)

    Four teenagers are killed in a car accident. Two of the teenagers refuse to go with "The Grim Reaper" and a race between life and death ensues!
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    Starcrash (1978)

    An outlaw smuggler and her alien companion are recruited by the Emperor of the Galaxy to rescue his son and destroy a secret weapon by the evil Count Zarth Arn.
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    The Pumaman (1980)

    Thousands of years ago, aliens visited Earth and fathered the Pumaman, a man-god with supernatural powers entrusted by a gold mask with the ability to control people's minds, which in present-day London, falls upon the wrong hands.
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    Extra Terrestrial Visitors (1983)

    A young boy in the woods discovers a lovable alien...or is it?
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    The Touch of Satan (1971)

    A young man meets a farm girl who is actually a witch.
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    Santo vs. the Vampire Women (1962)

    A professor recruits a professional wrestler to protect his daughter from vampires intent on kidnaping her and marrying her to the devil.
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    Mitchell (1975)

    A tough, slobby, honest cop tries to simultaneously take down heroin dealers and a corrupt businessman who murdered a burglar, even if it costs him his life.
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    The Wild World of Batwoman (1966)

    The pointlessly named Batwoman and her bevy of Batmaidens fight evil and dance.
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    Laserblast (1978)

    A teenager stumbles upon an alien weapon, which transforms him into a grotesque killer.
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    The Final Sacrifice (1990)

    Fleeing from the cult that murdered his father, a teen is aided in his quest to find the lost city of the fabled Ziox by a secretive drifter.
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    Werewolf (1995)

    Unscrupulous archaeologists try to take advantage of an outbreak of lycanthropy prompted by the discovery of a werewolf skeleton in the Arizona desert.
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    Space Mutiny (1988)

    A pilot is the only hope to stop the mutiny of a spacecraft by its security crew, who plot to sell the crew of the ship into slavery.
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    Hobgoblins (1988)

    A young security guard must track down diminutive aliens who kill people even as they make their fantasies come true.

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